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Call for submissions Anthology: Our Firsts

Our Firsts is an anthology of autobiographical short stories, novel excerpts, memoirs, erotic essays, and poetry by women of color who share their experiences of their firsts—their first kiss, their first sexual experience with another women, their first lesbian relationship, their first heartbreak, their first lesbian awakening, their first anything.Weaved within the stories, the authors reveal their process of coming out to themselves and to the world (or not) as well as the beauty and complexity of being a women-loving women of color in a white, patriarchal society.

The authors discuss their sexual and gender identities within the sexual, familial, socio-cultural, religious, spiritual, political, romantic, psychological, and professional frameworks. This anthology is a unique collection of voices of women-loving women of color, who have been silenced and repressed for too long and aims to empower and to liberate the many silenced voices.

Submission Guidelines:

• All works should be unpublished short stories, novel excerpts, memoirs, erotic essays,or poetry.• Word count: 5,000-word maximum• Electronic submissions in .doc format sent to: ourfirsts@gmail.com• Story format should include: story title, author’s name/pseudonym, address,phone/fax/email, word count• Include 75-100 word bio• Format: Times New Roman 12 pt; double-spaced; standard paragraphingAll previously unpublished submissions are welcomed.

If you are a woman, regardless of biological sex, please submit. Also, if you wish to remain anonymous, your wish will be granted; feel free to use a pseudonym instead.

Deadline: May 31, 2010

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