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Negras (English version), en palabras de Virginia Phiri

"I must thank you [Yolanda Arroyo Pizarro] for writing such amazing historical master piece! Yes it is fiction but "Negras" touches everyone's heart. It teaches us that being brutally honest is the road to freesom! I will certainly share it at a public reading." Gracias Virginia Phiri, thank you por tus palabras.
Virginia Phiri was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe in 1954. Her works include co-authoring Zimbabwe Women anthologies in both fiction and nonfiction and in various Orchid Journals. “Desperate,” her first solo book was published in 2002 and the second “Destiny” in 2006. Because of her Accounting and Literary background she sits on several Boards. She was writer in residency at Le Chateau de Lavigny, Switzerland in summer 2006 and Villa Waldberta in Germany in summer 2008.

Dear Yolanda:

Greetings to you, your daughter and Zulma.
I had kept your book Negras until I was less busy in order to enjoy it. I had flipped through while in Accra just to get the feel of it but I have now properly read it! word for word, point per point and all details that matter in this history that invloves people like you and me. I must say your creativity, imagination and reasearch in this book is out of this world. Excellent work!
What I like most is the frankness, honesty and the crudeness in all the three stories. I am glad to let you know that the "Black Woman" in Africa up to this date despite the wars, hunger and other nasties is still hard to be "broken" that is her persona and soul! The struggle continues for most of the women on the African continent and victory is certain as strategies, new ways and ideas of survival are being shared with sisters like yourself and others in the Diaspora. Your good work is very much appreciated. I will share the book with others over here and obviously looking forward to reading it at some publich reading event in the very near future. I am working on it.
I am off to Pretoria, Univeristy of South Africa this weekend for a Young people Literary Conference where I will present a paper on the state of access to books and reading for African young people.
Many thanks. I will be in touch.
Best regards, Virginia Phiri

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